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Meet Washington (district of Columbia)

Don’t be fooled: the best things in Washington, D.C., go beyond politics.

Of course, you should take a picture in front of the White House and search the vast collection that details the birth of America in the National Archives, but be sure to reserve time to savor authentic American cuisine in the best restaurants in the city, Try some amazing mixes at local cocktail bars and visit the National Zoological Park, which is a free zoo that is open all year.

If you like museums, it’s a pleasure: the capital is home to many of them that you can book a whole week to explore them.

From the gigantic National Gallery of Art (check out Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait) for the National Museum of Air and space.

Cultural revelry is an integral part of the DC experience so enjoy.

National Air and Space Museum in Washington

Where else, except in the Air & Space Museum of DC, can you see missiles, planes and space stations, all without leaving the city limits?

In the Central Museum of the Milestones of Flight Hall, the imposing nuclear missiles US Pershing-II and SS-20 Soviets are alongside the popular Moon rock station, where visitors can play a lunar sample acquired in the Apollo 17 mission of 1972.

Permanent exhibitions at the museum detail the history of Jet Aviation, space travel and satellite communications.

For a closer look (and to improve your knowledge of the universe), head to the public observatory to have an inspiring view of the sky.

If time does not allow you to study, go straight to the Albert Einstein Planetarium, where you will be launched on a journey through space, regardless of the external elements.

Aviôes at the National Museum of Air and space

National Museum of Natural History in Washington

Adults will want to spend some time in the Kenneth and Behring Mammal Hall and explore the David H Koch Human Origins Hall for an in-depth examination of human evolution.

The museum is also a true magnet for children-especially the Zoo insect, where small hands can carar tarantulas and other living arthropods.

Do you like to see the creatures more closely? The Butterfly Pavilion (also known as Tropical Oasis) is home to several species of winged wonders.

You can also talk about the integral relationship that butterflies and plants share, called “Partners in Evolution”.

National Archives

The vast collection represents the physical record of the birth and growth of a nation in original documents, maps, photos, recordings, films and a miscellaneous of artifacts.

This is your first and only chance to see some of the most appreciated artifacts in the country, including maps of the explorations of Lewis and Clark, the weapon that shot JFK and the Charters of Freedom (the Constitution, the Declaration of Rights and the Declaration of Independence).

Just search the catalog and you’ll be exploring thousands of years of history in a short time.

National Museum of Natural History

Le Diplomate in Washington, D.C.

This bustling French restaurant cost more than US $6 million to be built, and that’s what it shows.

Le Diplomate looks and feels like it’s in Europe: the floors have the perfect winch, the bread baskets overflow and the hamburger comes with a miniature of the French flag on top. If you want to be envied by all your dining companions, order an exclusive seafood tower that reaches the edge with brilliant crustaceans of all kinds.

All in all is a tribute to arguably one of the best cuisines in the world.

Bon appetites.

Le Diplomate Façade

National Zoo Park in Washington

A free zoo that is open all year.

And if you are out of season you can access almost all exhibitions on a visit.

These include 1,500 animals, ranging from rare pandas to giant heaters, as well as elephants and lions.

Facade of the National Zoological Park in Washington

Russia House Restaurant & Lounge in Washington

Housed in a very cool old building, this is a very authentic Russian restaurant and bar.

Once a private restaurant and lounge, the Russian house retains something of the mystery of the Kremlin, despite the fact that anyone can now drink vodka here.

The walls are covered in red silk and Russian oil paintings, with comfortable sofas and low tables adding to the intimacy of the place.

A selection of more than 160 vodkas-a mix of Russian favorites, Eastern European brands and American blends-further helps foreign affairs.

Russia House Restaurant & Lounge

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