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Meet Valencia (Spain)

Valencia is a great destination for a weekend (and also for the week).

The sun-bathed margins, the thriving gastronomic scene and the crazy parties make Valencia one of the best cities to visit in Spain.


Explore the City of Arts and Sciences

An architectural complex composed of the most famous buildings of Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences, is a reference point of the list of all.

This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Valencia and to some extent the attraction that alone has put Valencia on the tourist map.

The City of Arts and Sciences is situated on one end of the old Turia River bed and has six futuristic structures designed by renowned Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava.

One of these buildings is the oceanographic, the largest aquarium in Europe.

It is constantly ranked among the best places to see in Valencia and one of the best places to visit in Valencia with the children.

Here you can spend the whole day looking for cute fish and watch the fun dolphin shows or you can spend the night sleeping among the Sharks.

For the best views in Valencia, check out this highly acclaimed tour that combines a guided tour of the City of Arts and Sciences with a 10-course meal and wine tasting on the tallest terrace in Valencia (on the 33 floor!).

View of the City of Art and Sciences in Valencia in Spain


Stroll around Barrio Del Carmen

Barrio del Carmen (in the Old Town) is by far the most charming neighbourhood of Valencia.

It has developed between two walls (the Muslim and the Christian) and its ruins can still be seen inside boutiques and trendy cafes.

Climb the two gates of the city still standing (the Torre Serranos and the Quart Tower) for some of the best views over the old town of Valencia.

Look for Portal de Valldigna, the arch door on the wall that, in the years 1400, used to separate the Arabs from the Christians.

The first printing press in Spain was established right next door in the decade of 1470.

Head to the House of Cats (near Plaza del Carmen) to see one of the best secret locations in Valencia.

Built by a local artist, this is a curious monument to the thousands of stray cats living in the city.

The miniature yellow façade against a bright blue wall is complete with a small marble fountain and a tile with the inscription: “In Memory of the 4 cats who stayed in El Carmen in the year 1094.

No ‘ Meow ‘ will be ignored. ” If you’re lucky, you might even see a cat coming in or out the little door.

If you want to discover the old town in the company of a local, this popular walking tour will take you around El Carmen and the nearby area and show some of the main historical sites and the best places in Valencia.

View of Barrio Del Carmen in Valencia in Spain


Master the Art of cooking an authentic paella

Do you love paella? So the first thing you need to know is that Valencia is the cradle of paella.

Now I bet one of your most pressing questions is where to eat the best paella in Valencia.

But in addition to filling your face in one of the many restaurants that serve the proper version of the dish (with chicken, rabbit and sometimes snails), I also recommend you to do a cooking class paella.

Why is that? Because many dishes marketed as paella around the world would never pass here as paella (the locals are very passionate about this dish and consider the use of ingredients like chorizo and peas as an abomination).

So, learning how to prepare an authentic Valencian paella is a foolproof way to impress all your friends and family by coming home.

This paella cooking class offers a unique experience as it is held in a typical Valencian farm house, between rice fields and orange groves.

During the workshop, you will have the chance to learn the history and culture around this world-famous dish, as well as the opportunity to devour the spoonof it.

Valencian Paella


Discover Valencia on two wheels

Valencia is a city very concerned with health and has an extensive network of bike paths that connect the city center with the neighborhoods.

So a fun activity that I recommend you to experience in Valencia is to ride a bike.

The urban bike sharing scheme in Valencia is called Valenbisi.

But the bikes are a little heavy and they all have the same size.

So whether you are traveling with children or simply do not want to fight with a heavy bike, you may consider renting your bike at a specialized store.

Along the Parque Turia, there are more than 8 km of bike lanes anyway and the terrain, as elsewhere in Valencia, is cheerfully flat.

However, if you really want to make this a cultural experience, you can take part in a guided bike ride.

In this way, you will have an experienced guide to explain to you all the views you are experiencing.

In addition, you will also meet new people.

View of the Parque Turia in Valencia Spain

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