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Meet Rhodes (Greece)

The best things to do in Rhodes depend heavily on the history of the island, which is different from any other place in Greece.

Its position in the Aegean Sea has already placed it at a crossroads of maritime trade and navigation.

Today, the whole island is a time capsule telling stories of the different civilizations that called this place home.

Visiting the medieval city of Rhodes is like walking through a time machine that will spit you out in a world of knights and fairytale castles.

Here, the buildings are preserved, easy to explore and admire. (In 1988, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.)

Ancient temples are adjacent to medieval walls, churches, mosques and other structures influenced by the occupants of past ages.

The street of the Knights

The cobblestone street of the Knights is one of the best preserved medieval streets in Europe.

Walking down this street makes it easy to imagine how the age of the Knights who ruled the 14TH century Europe must have been.

Cobblestones, stone walls, and large iron portals are still intact, as are the medieval inns that housed the Knights of the Order of riders during a time when Rhodes Town was a thriving commercial port and a city.

View of the street of the Knights in Rhodes in Greece

Hospital dos Cavaleiros-Archaeological Museum

This archaeological museum has housed a state-of-the-art hospital built for the Knights who ruled the island.

With all the history surrounding it, this museum helps you to get an understanding of the highlights as you walk around the site.

The 15TH century Hospital dos Cavaleiros was ahead of the time it was built, a wealthy institution that attended the needs of the prestigious Knights of St. John.

The exhibition halls that formerly were hospital wards now exhibit some of the finest marble artifacts and statues of ancient Greece on the island, including two striking statues depicting Aphrodite, Aphrodite of Rhodes and Aphrodite of the Sea.

View of the Knights Hospital-Archaeological Museum in Rhodes in Greece

Grand Master’s Palace

As its name Imbui, this historic palace was built for large people and large events.

Today the immense space is a museum on the history of Rhodes.

To understand the old town, take the time to learn about the construction of the enormous walls and towers of this palace that has already been critical in protecting the city.

Today, it is a museum that takes its guests to a journey in the history of Rhodes through artifacts and mosaics.

It is also a survivor, after a Turkish siege in the 16TH century and an explosion of ammunition in the NINETEENTH century.

It was restylized in the 20th century as a holiday home for King Vittorio Emmanuele III of Italy.

Aerial view of Grand Master's palace in Rhodes in Greece

Medieval Clock Tower

This is one of the most notable structures of the old town, built in the seventh century with Byzantine architectural features.

From the top of this historic tower, you will find one of the most panoramic views of the port of Rhodes and the historic center.

Stone steps lead to the entrance of natural-sized sculptures of knights in armor.

It’s a great place for photos and an evening drink with a view.

View of the Medieval clock tower in Rhodes in Greece

Acropolis of Rhodes

The ancient Greeks built this scenic temple for the Greek god Apollo in the Acropolis of Rhodes, on the outskirts of the city of Rhodes.

Climb the hill of Agios Stefanos to visit the Acropolis of Rhodes to understand life here during ancient Greece.

The central building features the temple of Apollo, dating back to 300 Bc.

Walk among fascinating ruins, including an area of shrines, Greek temples and much more-everything that goes back to the Hellenistic and late Hellenistic periods.

Then admire the panoramic view of the island.

View of the Acropolis of Rhodes in Greece

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