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Porto Seguro Bahia

Porto Seguro Bahia, as the name we adopted says, is a municipality located in the south of the state of Bahia, being a complete destination, with several tourist attractions.

The ideal is that you go to the city through a travel agency, to be able to enjoy all the attractions that Porto Seguro offers.

In this article you know the main sights of the city, which are the best inns and hotels to stay and much more.

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Find out more about Porto Seguro Bahia

Both day and night, what is not lacking are options for you to know around the city.

Starting with the natural beauties, which are several. You don’t regret enjoying every minute of the charming places in Porto Seguro.

Therefore, one of the main attractions for those visiting the city, is the beach, which offers several tours and an excellent structure of the tents.

In the evenings, one of the attractions is the catwalk of alcohol, a place full of bars, tents with drinks, souvenir shops and restaurants.

So if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Porto Seguro, be sure to take a pass in the place.

We will now find out what to do in Porto Seguro and what are the main sights of the site.


Humpbacks Whale Watching

Between July and October, mainly, there is the possibility of observing the humpback whales on the coast of Bahia.

The tour offers a lecture explaining how mammals live, as well as a boat trip to get to the site.

The animals can reach up to 17 meters and you can observe closely and better understand how the life of the whales works.

The price of the tour is usually 150 reais per person.

Humpbacks Whale Watching


Beaches in Porto Seguro Bahia-Praia do Espelho

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro in Brazil. There is no way to go through Porto Seguro and do not take the tour to Espelho Beach.

If you are not in the car, the best option is to buy the tour through a tour agency.

This is because access to the site is not very easy, but when you arrive at the site, you realize that it was worth the whole route.

The site has cliffs in the background, with a tranquil sea reflecting the sky, being a spectacle for our eyes.

Go prepared for the beach, since it has few restaurants and prices are usually a bit high.

Generally, you have how to buy packages in tourism agencies that are on average 60 reais per person.

Beaches in Porto Seguro Bahia-Praia do Espelho


Scuba Diving

If you want to dive and see beautiful schools very close, you can not fail to perform this tour in Porto Seguro.

You can book your tour with one of the tour agencies.

The exits occur early in the morning.

If you have never plunged, you can still do the baptism, name given for the first dive.

The tour costs, on average, 110 reais per person.

Scuba Diving


Historic center of Porto Seguro Bahia

The historic center of Porto Seguro Bahia is the initial milestone for you to know the history of Brazil.

The region is listed as a historical patrimony and, on site, is the landmark Zero of the discovery, which took place in 1503.

The historic center has several houses, churches, museums and a lighthouse where several people stop to make photos.

You also enjoy a view of the sea, ruins and buildings, as well as being the ideal place for you to buy souvenirs.

Be sure to visit this historic part of the city.

Historic center of Porto Seguro Bahia

Flights to Porto Seguro Bahia

The cost benefit of air tickets to Porto Seguro Bahia is fully accessible.

Air tickets in travel packages offered by travel agencies or Internet sites with greater accessibility.

Travel packages end up having more accessible tickets due to these travel packages being assembled by the major tour operators.

There are several types of travel packages that offer:

  • Airline tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours

These are the 3 product types within the most common travel packages but you can add other types of products.

You can also assemble your travel package separately so to speak.

How to assemble a travel package

Firstly you will define the date you will be available for the trip.

Select your travel destination

Search for airline tickets and the most important choice of opportune schedules.

Pay close attention before choosing your airfare, check-in in hotels varies between 12:00 and 14:00 hrs onwards.

Then select air tickets whose arrival to destination will be around 11:00 hrs to make the most of your trip.

The time you return your flight will do the same:

The check-out time is usually at 12:00 hrs, select your airline tickets with outbound laps of 14:00 or 15:00 hrs.

Remember that as you have to be at the airport in advance you can make the most of your trip if you define the timetables of the airline tickets very well.

Important -make sure that the destination you choose does not require a long-term transfer.

For example lawn, where the best is air tickets to Porto Alegre and will have a long road of approximately 2 hours by car or transfer up lawn.

Always remember this detail before selecting your airline tickets to not risk losing your flight.

The difficult maize is done, to complete your travel package just choose a hotel and tours to do.

This way you can assemble your own travel package:

  • Buying airline Tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours independently, with schedules and dates chosen by you.

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