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Meet Porto (Portugal)

People are in love with this city called Porto.

With its narrow streets and colourful houses, breathtaking views of the city and the Douro River, its galleries full of ancient and contemporary art, its gardens and museums, and its restaurants with traditional food (don’t miss the Francesinhas and the puppies) and Inspirations from around the world.

Lello Bookstore Experience

This bookstore is one of the most beautiful in the world and has become even more famous as one of JK Rowling’s favorite attractions when she lived in Oporto (and began to develop the Harry Potter series).

There is no doubt that the Lello bookstore & brother, operating since 1906, is one of the most popular and busiest landmarks in Oporto.

There’s even a fee to get in.

Centrally located, close to the Piolho Café, favorite of the locals, and one block from the Carmo Church, it is easy to find, but be prepared to stand in a row to enter.

View of the Lello Bookstore, port city, Portugal

Visit a Winery

Porto is a city famous for wine and not just by the port.

Where the port is produced in the Douro Valley, the Vinho Verde is made closer to the port (and to the north of the city as well).

The wineries offer different bottles to taste and there are many wineries to choose from.

Most of the best, such as Graham’s Port Lodge and Taylor’s Port, are in the neighboring town of Vila Nova de Gaia.

View of the winery Graham's Port Lodge, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Enjoy the art of the city tile

The tiles are unique in Portugal in the way they are used to decorate buildings, streets and houses, and this is especially noticeable in Oporto.

Some popular monuments for its impressive artistic and cultural mosaics include São Bento station, the Church of Santo Ildefonso and the Carmo church.

To see some amazing exhibits, you won’t have to strive, because the tiles are practically everywhere in the city.

View of the art of the tile in the city of Porto in Portugal

Grab a drink along the Douro River

Ribeira do Porto is one of the most popular neighborhoods, full of cafes and restaurants, offering spectacular views, including sunset over Porto’s bridges.

Sit on the terrace to participate in the coffee culture or enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

There is plenty to do and see along the Ribeira, but simply relax and watch the world go by (maybe while you also enjoy a delicious pastel) It’s a hard experience to win something.

View of the Douro River Portugal


Picnic with View

Porto is full of splendid gardens on terraces where locals and visitors can take a stroll or just sit back and enjoy the view of jaw dropping.

Take a picnic (perhaps with cheeses, hams and fruits from the well-known Bolhão market or other traditional delicacies of the pearl of Bolhão) and sit outdoors.

View of the city of the port and river Doro


Visit the Beach

No matter where you visit in Portugal, fitting time to the beach is a must.

The north coast is a little more rugged and very romantic, and Foz do Douro, in Oporto, also has the Pergola da Foz, which adds an extra element of charm.

View of the pergola of the mouth in Porto Portugal

Eat traditional and local treats

It is impossible to visit Porto and not eat well.

The gastronomic scene is among the best in the country and the restaurants serve all sorts of recipes, from the most traditional to modern and sophisticated.

Porto is also a city that knows its favorite food.

Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry many restaurants also cater to ecological lifestyles and some restaurants still serve vegetarian francesinhas.

Typical food from Portugal

Visit a festival

The best time to do this is in the summer, when the whole country comes to life with music, outdoor cooking and many parties.

Check out the local events before your trip to see if there is a festival going on; Even if there is no one in Oporto, there may be a good chance of a city or village nearby organizing an event.

Festivals are a great way to get an authentic taste of Portuguese culture.

View of a festival in the city of Porto in Portugal

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