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Meet Nashville (Tennessee)

There is no shortage of activities to do in Nashville, from the Music Row tour to the artisan beer at a local bar.

Home to one of America’s finest rooftop bars, one of America’s finest ice creams and legendary country music venues, Nashville is a centre of culture, restaurants, bars, music and art.

The city also has a high-level nightlife.

To thoroughly explore the city and really experience what makes it excellent (including eating some of the finest chickens in America and visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Museum of Fame and Country Music Museum

Top of the list for any trip to Nashville should be this excellent museum nicknamed “The Smithsonian of Country music”.

From Elvis ‘ Gold Cadillac to a meticulous recreation of Tammy Wynette’s fancy closet.

While you’re there, check out the Hatch Show Print, one of America’s oldest press posters, which created posters for everyone, from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash.

Beginner in the country? If you are looking for a closer and guided look at country music through the ages, book in one of the nightly experiences, events and lectures.

Music Museum Country in Nashville

Music Row

Music Row, a kilometre southwest of the city centre, is the location of the recording legend, and the Historic RCA Studio B is the jewel of its crown.

The best way to try out the Row is on a bus tour, and one of the most peculiar is via NashTrash Tours.

The tour is hosted on a “pink bus” by the vocal Jugg Sisters, who puts the “Zoeira” between the songs and the comic jokes.

Music Row in Nashville

The Partenon

Originally built for the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition in 1897, the impressive full-size replica of the Partenon is a landmark in the city.

Before Nashville became the city of Music, it was known as “Athens of the South”.

Today, the Partenon houses the art collection of the city, but the undisputed star of the spectacle remains the golden sculpture of 12 meters of Athena, which dominates the upper part and remains the highest interior statue in the Western Hemisphere.

The Partenon in Nashville


Show of composers in the round

Often referred to as a “night of writers,” singers/composers sit alone or in groups of four, featuring original material in front of a live audience.

One of the best ways to listen to music in Nashville is in a concert of composers in the round.

You can discover new talents and see artists established in intimate clubs such as the legendary Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room Cafe.

Both venues offer live music every night.

Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville

Hattie B’s

Nashville is known for its fried chicken, so you should put this place on the list.

This is not the common fried chicken.

The Hattie B serves your chicken in six different spice levels, ranging from mild to “extremely hot”.

Get ranch dressing, pickles and a cold beer to help put out the fire.

Don’t forget to pass bread over the chicken: that’s what absorbs all those delicious spices.

Food at Hattie B's in Nashville

Local artisan breweries and distilleries

The largest area of Nashville is full of distilleries and breweries serving artisan beers and local spirits.

If the famous Jack Daniel’s distillery is a little too far away for you to visit, head to the centre to check out some more convenient options.

There is the award-winning Corsair Distillery, whose slogan-“Drinks for the strong”-says everything you need to know.

If beer is more your thing, try the Tennessee Brew Works, which has an industrial brewery, oak barrels tables, a patio and live music.

Jack Daniel's Distillery in Nashville

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