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Discover Mykonos (Greece)

The equivalent of Greece to Ibiza or St. Tropez, the best things to do in Mykonos are guaranteed as fun.

Here, you’ll find world-famous DJs spearheading nights in super clubs. A multitude of people are heading to the city on yachts, private jets and celebrities at the beach clubs and dine in gourmet restaurants.

Still, it’s not everything.

There are many secondary roads, hotels and quiet corners to explore on this small island of Cyclades-and, of course, paradiduacal beaches to know as well.


Mykonos is one of the best preserved historical towns in Greece. It’s the perfect destination to lose wandering around.

Known as Chora (meaning “main city”) by locals, the city of Mykonos has a photo opportunity in every corner.

Here, whitewashed houses contrast beautifully with wooden doors painted in vivid colors to create the simplest but most impressive contrasts.

Expect to see pastel bougainvillea surrounded in front of tiny Greek churches, elegant shops and restaurants and bars along the city maze of white and wilted streets.

The Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful areas of Mykonos.

Here, whitewashed buildings hover over the edge of the island, seemingly built on rocks of the sea, just above the sea.

The sunset views here will take your breath away.

Make sure to secure a sea-facing venue in a bar.

For those asking how such a place came to be, the story of Little Venice dates back to a simpler time on the island.

It was built in the 16TH century for convenience.

Pirates were a real threat then.

Residents have built suspended balconies over water as an easy way to quickly load products into and out of ships without them being robbed.

Small Venice in Mykonos in Greece


Mykonos Windmills

One of the most emblematic sights of the island is on a hill on the border of Mykonos town: The mills of Mykonos.

Walk up here for a panoramic view of Mykonos town and get a picture with the history of Mykonos.

These mills date back to a time when wind energy was used to grind grains and feed the locals.

This area was named Alefkandra then, which means bleaching because it was where the locals hung their clothes.

Stop at the small beach, at the foot of the hill, to another picturesque place, where the surf of the sea splashing wildly on the coast.

It’s the perfect place for a picnic-maybe with those great local breads.

View of the Mykonos windmills in Greece


Paraportiani Church

This church is one of the most photographed in the world and is located in the city of Mykonos.

The Greek islands of the Cyclades are full of churches and chapels.

There are 365 whitewashed churches on the island of Mykonos-one built for every day of the year.

However, Paraportiani is the most famous. This is thanks to its architecture.

The unique building is actually composed of four chapels, each built at a different point in history.

The mixture of buildings, all under a layer of white paint, is a spectacle to be seen.

Paraportiani Church in Mykonos Greece

Cave Paradiso

Mykonos lives up to its glamorous party rep and has all the likes covered, but this outdoor venue is a particularly big place out of town for the first few hours.

Whether you want a dive bar, a Greek music club, a cocktail lounge, a nightclub or a beach club where you can Dance on the sand (or on the tables), the Mykonos summer scene is full of options.

The dance and the drink start in the afternoon and do not end until the sun rises.

View of the club Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos in Greece

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