Maragogi is a destination for those who want to enjoy the sea and relax seeing wonderful landscapes.

Who chooses Maragogi as a holiday destination, will spend the days enjoying the beaches, sightseeing and excellent cuisine.

In this article you will know more about Maragogi, which sights you should not miss visiting.


Find out more about Salinas de Maragogi

Maragogi, both by tourists and locals, is known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”.

And the nickname lives up to the characteristics of the place.

The region has a clear sea, calm, warm waters that form the natural pools, excellent for bathing and diving with fish.

If you decide to take the tour to the natural pools of Maragogi, be sure to buy or take your mask to see underwater.

The city of Maragogi is very simple, small and ideal for those looking to rest with tranquility.

Outside the tours, it is worth dedicating a time to savor the local gastronomy, mainly fish and seafood that are served fresh.

We will now know what to do In maragogi and what major sights you should know.


Galés – Natural pools of Salinas de Maragogi

Whether you go on your own or through a tour agency, the tour to the Galés cannot be missed in the itinerary.

Whoever decides to do the tour, does not repent, with so many natural beauties to fill our eyes.

Don’t forget to take the camera.

In short, the galleys are natural pools that are formed by coral reefs when the tide is low.

The waters are crystal clear, there is a wide variety of fish, corals and marine animals, such as the Hedgehog.

When the tourist arrives at the site, it is free to enjoy the natural pools and dive with the fishes.

If you want, there is also the option of making a cylinder dip driven, going up to 5 meters deep and seeing a variety of fish.

Galas Tours can be purchased at hotels through the travel agency itself or on the beach’s own corners.

Choose to go to Maragogi when the tide is low, otherwise you may end up losing the ride as it is not accomplished with high tide.

Galés – Natural pools of Salinas de Maragogi


Antunes beach in Salinas de Maragogi

Antunes is a quiet beach, practically without any trade, ideal for those who want tranquility and relax.

The place has coconut trees and at low tide, the sea is calm, being conducive to quiet baths.

Coconut tree at Antunes Beach in Salinas de Maragogi


Buggy ride in Salinas de Maragogi

This is another tour that cannot be missed in your itinerary, with a guarantee of fun.

With the buggy ride you know several beaches on the same day, make stops for scuba diving and photos, and visit several different locations.

The buggy ride is recommended for those who have little time in Maragogi or for those who do not have a car.

Give preference to make the buggy ride when the tide is low.

You can hire it through hotels or tour agencies.

Buggy ride in Salinas de Maragogi


Xaréu beach in Salinas de Maragogi

This beach is about 8 kilometers from the center of Maragogi.

Unlike the other beaches, at low tide, Xaréu forms a kind of pond, being possible to walk several meters into the sea.

The beach is protected by a barrier of coral, making it quiet and with weak waves, ideal for children to play.

You can also choose to take your chair and place it inside the water to refresh your feet.

If you prefer to stay in the pond that forms, try not to take belongings that can not be wet.

Xaréu beach in Salinas de Maragogi

Flight tickets to Salinas de Maragogi

The cost benefit of air tickets to Maragogi is fully accessible.

Air tickets in travel packages offered by travel agencies or Internet sites with greater accessibility.

Travel packages end up having more accessible tickets due to these travel packages being assembled by the major tour operators.

There are several types of travel packages that offer:

  • Airline tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours

These are the 3 product types within the most common travel packages but you can add other types of products.

You can also assemble your travel package separately so to speak.

How to assemble a travel package

Firstly you will define the date you will be available for the trip.

Select your travel destination

Search for airline tickets and the most important choice of opportune schedules.

Pay close attention before choosing your airfare, check-in in hotels varies between 12:00 and 14:00 hrs onwards.

Then select air tickets whose arrival to destination will be around 11:00 hrs to make the most of your trip.

The time you return your flight will do the same:

The check-out time is usually at 12:00 hrs, select your airline tickets with outbound laps of 14:00 or 15:00 hrs.

Remember that as you have to be at the airport in advance you can make the most of your trip if you define the timetables of the airline tickets very well.

Important -make sure that the destination you choose does not require a long-term transfer.

For example lawn, where the best is air tickets to Porto Alegre and will have a long road of approximately 2 hours by car or transfer up lawn.

Always remember this detail before selecting your airline tickets to not risk losing your flight.

The difficult maize is done, to complete your travel package just choose a hotel and tours to do.

This way you can assemble your own travel package:

  • Buying airline Tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours independently, with schedules and dates chosen by you.

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