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Discover Lisbon

Lisbon, with its world-class restaurants, reputation for style and rich history in art and culture, the first city of Portugal remains at the top of all the visitor lists of the most demanding travelers.

But what are the essential things to do while you’re here?

Meet the youngest museum in the city: MAAT-Museum of Art, Architecture and technology

The most recent museum of contemporary Art in Lisbon is called Maat, it looks like a radius that deviated from the river, and has been present in the Instagrams of the Lisbon in recent months.

It opened, then closed, then it went back to open, but it is certain that this project of the EDP Foundation is much more than its acronym.

The architectural lines of the MAAT appeared in the city at the launch of 2016 and now justify regular pilgrimacations to the area of Belém.

If nothing else, the structured designed by the British architect Amanda Levete, combined with a backdrop of the sun, makes a killer photo to share on social media.

But of course you should not stop there: We recommend to consult the agenda for information on permanent and temporary exhibitions.

View of the MAAT Museum-Museum of Art, Architecture and technology

Become an expert in Portuguese art by visiting the National Museum of Contemporary Art

Founded in 1911, this state museum reopened in 1994 after a hiatus due to the fire.

Despite the modern and modernist redesign of the French architect Jean Michel Wilmotte, the name-National Museum of Contemporary Art-is somewhat ambitious, given the size and budget of the site.

Still, the return of a few years ago, involving 100 works of the permanent collection, offers an instructive view of 150 years of Portuguese art-from Romanticism to naturalism, Neorrealism, to Surrealism and also to Abstractionism-up to 1975.

National Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Chiado Lisbon Portugal

Enter the preferred café of Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon: Martinho da Arcada

This establishment began life in 1782 as a liquor and ice shop.

In the Martinho da Arcada, the oldest restaurant in Lisbon, they believe in ghosts. Or symbolic gestures.

It is in all tourist guides as one of the favorite places of Fernando Pessoa and the local mythology says that Martinho da Arcada has a place constantly reserved for the poet’s waiting.

View of the café and restaurant Martinho da Arcada

Lose yourself at the embassy

Embassy Lisboa is a “concept store” in the Palacete Ribeiro da Cunha, with an inspiring neo design of the 19TH century, in the Principe Real.

Design, fashion and temporary exhibitions.

There’s no more diplomatic embassy than that.

Housed in an 18TH-century mansion, it hides some of the most intriguing secrets of the city: very original Portuguese and foreign shops, all under the same roof (which is sometimes adorned with flowers) and with a restaurant with French name, but serving cuisine Portuguese.

Be sure to enter the Linkstore, which sells original accessories for men, Organii, with organic products for babies, and Amélie au Theatre, with the theme Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola-and don’t forget to take a glass of something in the inner courtyard of Le Jardin.

View of the Lisbon embassy

Try the best burgers in Lisbon at Ground Burger

There is no doubt: the Ground Burger has the best burgers in Lisbon.

Doubting is the work of discard-all that interests us are the 150g of Black Angus meat carefully arranged between slices of homemade bread and served with french fries.

The best burger in Lisbon.

What happens in the Ground Burger Lab, in view of the clients, is pure magic. There are 150 grams of beef 100 Black Angus inside a brioche (two batches per day), with quality ingredients, crispy onion rings or french fries with rosemary to dive into the American mustard of the ´ s.

For drinks, ask for a huge milkshake (don’t feel bad about it) or an artisan beer.

View of the ground burger in Lisbon

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