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Gramado is a city located in Rio Grande do Sul (RS). One of the most popular destinations for Brazilian tourists and all over the world.

The venue has several tourist attractions, offering several tours, for all types of public.

If you think about going to a place to enjoy the cold and have fun, you can now search for a tour agency and schedule the trip.

In this article you will know tips of what to do in Gramado and where you can stay. Check it out and good reading!




Find out more about Gramado RS


The city Gaucho is approximately 130 kilometers from Porto Alegre and is highlighted by its tourist structure to envy any Brazilian capital.

The location is recommended for all ages, with various attractions, excellent hotels and good restaurants.

Gramado has grown through tourism and offers beautiful landscapes inside and outside the urban center.

Whether in winter, when hydrangeas bloom or at Christmas when the city is illuminated, it is always a good idea to visit Gramado.

Know now what to do in Gramado and what sights you should not miss.


Rua Coberta in Gramado RS


Regardless of whether you’ve organised your trip on your own or through a tour agency, this is a place you need to meet.

The location is always bustling, decorated with several outstanding plants, offering several restaurants and shops.

The events occurring on the street are frequent and is a mandatory stop place, either to observe the movement or to take a hot chocolate.

Rua Coberta in Gramado RS

Lago Negro in Gramado RS


This is an artificial lake, surrounded by trees and hydrangeas bushes.

You can enjoy a quiet and romantic stroll, renting a pedal boat and enjoying even more of the place.

Between the end of November and the beginning of the month of December, the apex of the flowering of hydrangeas occurs.

The look is even more beautiful, with several flowers in shades of blue and purple.

Lago Negro in Gramado RS

Gramado Zoo in Gramado RS

The Gramado Zoo was created in 2008 and presents a different concept of the other zoos scattered throughout Brazil.

The site has animals only of the Brazilian fauna and tries to recreate the natural habitat of the animal.

The zoo also researches, rescues animals in risky situations, provides information about the animals and encourages preservation.

The attraction is so different from the other tours in the city, that many visitors consider the Zoo to be the best in South America.




Gramado Zoo in Gramado RS

Dreamland Wax Museum in Gramado RS


The site has replicas of several characters and artists who are internationally known.

It is a fun place and it will have several replicas, ideal for taking funny pictures and to enjoy accompanied with children.

Dreamland Wax Museum in Gramado RS

Know the Chocolate factories in Gramado RS


Gramado is not a place to diet and you realize this when you discover the various factories of handmade chocolates that the site possesses.

There are many factories and usually they open the doors to receive tourists and show how the production of chocolate is made.

Among the main chocolate factories in the city, we can include:

Prawer Store


Plateau Shop


Chocolate Factory Lugano


Florybal Chocolate Factory


Snail Chocolate Factory


If you don’t have a car, it’s okay. Just contact the factory that they seek the tourist for the visit.

Flight tickets to Gramado

The cost benefit of air tickets to Gramado is fully accessible.

Air tickets in travel packages offered by travel agencies or Internet sites with greater accessibility.

Travel packages end up having more accessible tickets due to these travel packages being assembled by the major tour operators.

There are several types of travel packages that offer:

  • Airline tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours

These are the 3 product types within the most common travel packages but you can add other types of products.

You can also assemble your travel package separately so to speak.

How to assemble a travel package

Firstly you will define the date you will be available for the trip.

Select your travel destination

Search for airline tickets and the most important choice of opportune schedules.

Pay close attention before choosing your airfare, check-in in hotels varies between 12:00 and 14:00 hrs onwards.

Then select air tickets whose arrival to destination will be around 11:00 hrs to make the most of your trip.

The time you return your flight will do the same:

The check-out time is usually at 12:00 hrs, select your airline tickets with outbound laps of 14:00 or 15:00 hrs.

Remember that as you have to be at the airport in advance you can make the most of your trip if you define the timetables of the airline tickets very well.

Important -make sure that the destination you choose does not require a long-term transfer.

For example lawn, where the best is air tickets to Porto Alegre and will have a long road of approximately 2 hours by car or transfer up lawn.

Always remember this detail before selecting your airline tickets to not risk losing your flight.

The difficult maize is done, to complete your travel package just choose a hotel and tours to do.

This way you will be able to assemble your own travel package, purchase airline tickets, accommodation in hotels and tours independently, with schedules and dates chosen by you.

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