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Meet Johannesburg (South Africa)

This city of South Africa has so many claims of fame, it is no wonder that the best things to do in Johannesburg are all great.

An interesting fact: it is the largest city in the world, not built in a water fountain-it was built in a gold mine-and the second largest across the continent of Africa (after Cairo – Egypt).

Despite all its success in the role, the site is far from being trouble free and a notoriously risky destination for tourists.

The advent of the controversial Uber taxi provider has done very well the area: Suddenly, anyone with a smartphone can book a safe and affordable transport from door to door.

The rewards of this city full of personality outweigh the risks.

Take some explorations, meet amazing people and discover a city that really seems to be reborn by discovering the best things to do in Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum

A world-renowned documentation of one of the most shameful times in modern history.

An impressive collection of photographs, posters, videos and oral histories are organized into a sequence of unique and impressive exhibits.

South Africa is still recovering from its past, and this excellent museum explains what happened and why.

View of the entrance to the Apartheid museum

Red Bus Tour

You know the deal; A two-storey bus opens the city’s main attractions and tourists come and go as they wish.

An audio commentary gives a backdrop to the buildings and districts as they pass by.

It is easy to be zealous, but in a city where exploring on foot and even in public transportation comes with considerable risks, this is really a great starting point.

In addition, the soundtrack of the audio guide of South Africans classics is very good.

View of the Red Bus Tour

The Orbit

A highly regarded music venue in lively Braamfontein, where programming is full of South African talents virtually every night of the week.

The food supply is not cheap, but it is very reliable.

This city PULSS with music and The Orbit is among its best locations.

Book a table or keep an eye on one of your free microphone opening evenings, where the pattern makes Britain’s Got Talent’s finalists sound just like amateurs.

View of the façade of the Orbit in Johannesburg


The food market, where all the cool things are found every Saturday at lunchtime.

Although visitors are warmly welcomed, this is much more geared towards locals, and you will find a predominantly young, but very mixed, crowd eating everything from poke bowls to pecan pie.

In addition to great gastronomic opportunities, there are purchases to be made; You can buy crafts from independent designers on the top floor.

View of Neighbourgoods in Johannesburg


The municipality of Soweto (connected to Johannesburg), now home to one-third of the city’s population, has a complicated past.

It was created in the years 1930 as a segregated neighborhood for black residents expelled from the predominantly white suburbs of Johannesburg.

Today, you can join a place to explore the city while learning more about the region’s past and present.

In many ways, this community is the heart of Johannesburg, so you would be doing a disservice in the city if you ignore it.

Ask nicely and you will visit a local café for lunch and be served with a pile of popes (sticky cornmeal) so great that you could use it to build a sand castle.

View of two colourful towers of the municipality of Soweto in Johannesburg

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