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Jericoacoara is a small village, destination of many tourists and with an increasingly better structure.

For those who go to Fortaleza, there is the option to take a day trip, through a travel agency, to Jeri.

The biggest attractions of Jeri should be seen during the day, starting as soon as the sun rises.

You want to know more about this paradise?

So you keep following this article.

We will tell you the places you should not fail to know and where you can stay.



Find out more about Jericoacoara

As I said earlier, the best attractions in Jeri, already start at sunrise.

So get up early to enjoy the day.

Who likes to enjoy the sea, is on the beach of Jeri, near the village.

Excellent place to relax, no worries and tranquility.

But that’s not all you can find when you go to Jericoacoara.

The best attractions are a little farther away from the village, such as:

• Blue Lagoon
• Paradise Lagoon
• Furada Stone

The tour agencies, Bugueiros and drivers of Jeri, offer tours to the east side and also to the West.

You can make buggy rides, vehicles tractuated, shared or in a particular way.

Usually, the tours begin to be made early in the morning, with return around 15h, passing through different locations.

You can also enjoy the place to shop, mostly beachwear and souvenir items.

Know now what to do in Jericoacoara and what are the sights that you should not miss.


Paradise Lagoon in Jericoacoara

Lagoa do Paraíso is located in the municipality of Jijoca, blending shades of light blue and dark blue, offering a spectacle for your eyes.

The tradition for those who visit the place is to lie in the hammocks that are in the water, and can also enjoy the services of several restaurants.

The location does not have much water and is quite quiet, favoring games between children and adults who do not like deep dives.

One of the main restaurants of the site is the Alchymist, possessing an unparalleled structure for visitors, with services such as:

• Tables in the sand for visitors
• Bathroom facilities
• Shower facilities
• Lockers
• Extensive menu
• Various Beverages

The location is an excellent option, however, the prices of the services are not always cheap.

Paradise Lagoon in Jericoacoara


Punctured Rock in Jericoacoara

This is one of Jeri’s postcards.

It’s a high stone, with a rift in the middle, living up to its name.

The best time to reach the stone is at low tide, when you enjoy landscapes along the way and can take several photos.

The route for those who go to Pedra Furada walking lasts around 40 minutes and you can still observe caves and natural pools.

Punctured Rock in Jericoacoara


Blue Lagoon in Jericoacoara

The Blue Lagoon is famous for its banks in the water, offering a tranquil and welcoming environment for those wishing to relax.

It is usually less popular than the Lagoa do Paraíso, so it also becomes less crowded, ideal for those who like calm.

The location has few restaurants and the color of the water varies according to weather conditions.

It is also ideal for children and adults.

The adults enjoy the local cuisine, while the children have a tranquil and undisturbed bath.

Blue Lagoon in Jericoacoara


Dune Sunset in Jericoacoara

The Duna is on the side of the village of Jericoacoara and is a very frequented place for those who want to see the sun setting in the sea.

The spectacle of nightfall is amazing and yields many photos. You can’t stop passing through there before you go home.

In addition, as there are many visitors wanting to see the sunset, ambulants also stroll around the place, offering drinks.

If you want to practice windsurfing and kite surfing, it will also be possible.

Dune Sunset in Jericoacoara

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