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Fortaleza, the Land of the Sun, is one of the most desired destinations in Brazil, by Brazilian tourists and the rest of the world.

I recommend hiring a travel agency to let you know the main sights and stay in a good location.

This is because the city is very large and there are several attractions for you to know.

In this article we will give more details about the capital Cearense.

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Find out more about Fortaleza

The capital Cearense has so many diversified attractions, it is even easy to understand why the city is so successful among tourists.

Fortaleza has the power to please people of all age groups. That’s because the city mixes everything the people like:

  • Natural Beauties
  • Culture
  • Music
  • Fun
  • Cooking to take off the hat

The capital Cearense has more than 2.5 million inhabitants and has the sea as its daily companion.

The sidewalks at the edge of the beach or the sand are great for you to catch a sun or simply take a walk at the end of the afternoon.

And this proximity to the ocean makes the tourist not think twice about choosing fish, shrimp, crab and lobster to taste.

But not only natural beauties live the Land of light. You can also find cultural programs, visit museums and much more.

Choose a reliable tourist agency and enjoy all the charms that Fortaleza offers.

You now check out what to do in the capital of Ceará and what are the sights you need to know.

Av. Beira-Mar in Fortaleza-Brazil

The Av. Beira-Mar is one of the most important avenues in the capital of Cearense.

It stands on the edge of the urban waterfront of the capital and passes through several neighborhoods.

Other than that, along the avenue you have access to bars, restaurants, hotels and residential buildings.

By day, at dusk, at night. Every time it’s time to walk the boardwalk.

Handicraft Fair of Beira-Mar in Fortaleza

Since we are talking about the avenue, I take advantage of Feirinha da Beira-Mar, an excellent place to buy handicrafts, with more than 25 years of existence.

The fair is located on the boardwalk of Beira-Mar and has a variety of artisan products, for example:

  • Leather handbags, wallets and shoes
  • Table cloths and varieties
  • Networks
  • Custom Cachaças
  • Chestnut
  • Candy
  • Embroidered Fabrics
  • Hats and more.

It is just dusk that the Feirinha becomes one of the most visited places in Fortaleza.

It’s worth a check.

Dragão do Mar Center for art and Culture in Fortaleza, Brazil

Affectionately known as “Dragon”, the venue features theater halls, cinema, cultural exhibitions, musical performances and much more.

In addition, the venue also houses the planetarium, where you can learn more about the history of the planets.

In the dragon you also have access to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Culture Cearense.

If you want to include a cultural activity in your programming, you need to know this place.

British Bridge in Fortaleza

If you want to take a walk outdoors or enjoy the sunset, this is the ideal place.

The bridge was built at the beginning of the 20TH century.

Besides, with a little luck you can still see some dolphins playing, early in the day or late afternoon.

Beach Park in Fortaleza-Brazil

This is one of the biggest fun complexes in Brazil.

The venue has a private beach, a hotel and a water park in front of the sea.

In addition, the park also has many swimming pools, some with artificial waves, toys and water slides.

The most famous toy in the park is the insane, with a fall of 41 meters high.

But the park also has lighter attractions, geared towards children and others a little more radical, geared towards adults.

You don’t need to leave the park for lunch, but go prepared because the prices charged inside are a little high.

Currently, children’s entrance costs 215 reais. For adults The value is 225 reais.

But you can also buy the passport for 3 days (350 reais) and 7 days (380 reais)

Beaches in Fortaleza

Impossible to come to Fortaleza and not enjoy a beach, right?

The options are several, for example:

  • Praia do Futuro, with its charming and cozy tents, with parks, swimming pools and much more.
  • Iracema Beach, ideal for those who want to enjoy sand and sea.
  • Nautical Beach
  • Seaside

In addition, you will find other famous beaches on the outskirts of Fortaleza, such as Lagoinha, Canoa Quebrada, Cumbuco and Porto das Dunas.

Flight tickets to Fortaleza

The cost benefit of air tickets to Fortaleza is fully accessible.

Air tickets in travel packages offered by travel agencies or Internet sites with greater accessibility.

Travel packages end up having more accessible tickets due to these travel packages being assembled by the major tour operators.

There are several types of travel packages that offer:

  • Airline tickets
  • Lodging in hotels
  • Tours

These are the 3 product types within the most common travel packages but you can add other types of products.

You can also assemble your travel package separately so to speak.

How to assemble a travel package

Firstly you will define the date you will be available for the trip.

Select your travel destination

Search for airline tickets and the most important choice of opportune schedules.

Pay close attention before choosing your airfare, check-in in hotels varies between 12:00 and 14:00 hrs onwards.

Then select air tickets whose arrival to destination will be around 11:00 hrs to make the most of your trip.

The time you return your flight will do the same:

The check-out time is usually at 12:00 hrs, select your airline tickets with outbound laps of 14:00 or 15:00 hrs.

Remember that as you have to be at the airport in advance you can make the most of your trip if you define the timetables of the airline tickets very well.

Important -make sure that the destination you choose does not require a long-term transfer.

For example lawn, where the best is air tickets to Porto Alegre and will have a long road of approximately 2 hours by car or transfer up lawn.

Always remember this detail before selecting your airline tickets to not risk losing your flight.

The difficult maize is done, to complete your travel package just choose a hotel and tours to do.

This way you will be able to assemble your own travel package, purchase airline tickets, accommodation in hotels and tours independently, with schedules and dates chosen by you.

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