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Meet Coimbra

There are plenty of sights and attractions of Coimbra to keep you occupied for at least 3 days, not to mention the many tours of Coimbra.

Many visitors do not reserve enough time on their itinerary in Portugal to really do justice to the city.

Discover the secrets of the botanical Garden of Coimbra

From all the gardens of Coimbra, the Botanical gardens belonging to the university are by far the largest and best.

Founded in the EIGHTEENTH century, the gardens contain several treasures, especially now that the path linking the gardens above the lower gate is now open.

You can walk or catch a bus.

At the top level, you have Lime Tree Avenue, a recently reformed greenhouse, a gigantic fig-strangler and a delightful garden area around the ornamental fountain.

If you descend the hill from here, there are some small deviations from the main path leading to a bamboo grove, the city cistern and parts of the city’s original walls.

Coimbra Botanical Garden in Portugal

See reviews and poetry in Penedo da Saudade

Not far from the botanical garden (on Av. Marnoco and Sousa) there is a rocky garden “crowded” on the hillside, with a fantastic view over Coimbra and the distant hills.

Originally known as the Stone of the winds, it is here that the desolate King Peter would cry after the murder of his beloved Inês.

During the TWENTIETH century, the gardens became the refuge of academics and alumni who come here for student meetings and leave their mark in the form of poems devoted to Coimbra, and especially to their university, inscribed on stone boards.

Penedo da Saudade Coimbra Portugal

Walk through the glass Bridge and Pedro Inês in Parque Verde

The riverside Park is still popular with families-you can rent bicycles and pedal boats.

Better yet, take a stroll along the Pedro and Inês Bridge, for fantastic views of Coimbra and the Mondego River.

Glass bridge Pedro and Inês in Parque Verde Coimbra Portugal

Stroll through the beautiful Parque Manuel Braga

Sit in one of the love seats to watch the fountain in the river or stroll the shadow of the plantains.

The small water museum often has temporary art exhibitions and the annual crafts and books Fair is held every month of June.

Park Manoel Braga Coimbra Portugal

Learn a tragic love story in the gardens of Quinta das Lágrimas

The gardens surrounding what was once a royal palace and now the only 5-star hotel in Coimbra tell a touching story of troubled lovers.

The follies and characteristics of the site honor the intense romance between Prince Peter and the servant of his wife, Inês de Castro.

Although there are some exotic trees and attractive spots, you will enjoy it better if you make a guided tour.

Garden of Quinta das Lágrimas Coimbra Portugal

Deepen the history and architecture of the University of Coimbra

If you visit Coimbra, it would be a pity to lose the university.

First institution of this type in Portugal, the oldest part of the University of Coimbra occupies the old royal palace on top of the highest hill of the city.

Even if you don’t pay to visit the beautiful Joanine Library or other special rooms, you can still enjoy the views over the Mondego River from the courtyard of the schools and admire the hand-painted tiled walls of some of the university corridors for free .

University of Coimbra Portugal

Discover UNESCO Street Sofia

The University of Coimbra increased its original space, so when the Portuguese monasteries were abolished in 1834, several of the convents along Sofia Street were taken by the university.

On the descent from the university to this impressive street, you will also pass through the 12TH century cathedral of the old Sé, the 16TH century Sub Ripas Palace with its Manueline portal and the historic 12TH-century Santa Cruz church.

The abundance of these historically significant buildings qualifies the area for World heritage status.

UNESCO World Heritage Street Sofia Coimbra Portugal

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