Christmas the capital of Rio Grande do Norte hides several beauties so you can visit.

Christmasl is a city that has unreadable sights.

The city can be a good starting point to meet other destinations in Rio Grande do Norte.

In this article, you will meet several Christmas sights.

Check it out and good reading!


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There are many travel agencies that offer knock-and-turn tours in Christmas.

That’s because fate reveals a lot of such attractions.

But there are tour agencies that offer complete packages for your stay in Christmas to be quiet and unforgettable.

There are quite classic tours, which you can not fail to do, as you know the Ponta Negra beach.

Christmas offers options for all tastes:

  • Beaches
  • Ponds
  • Dunes
  • Cliffs
  • Buggy rides;
  • Boat rides;
  • Natural pools;
  • Swim with dolphins…

It has everything tourists love to do when they decide to travel through Brazil or even Brazilians who like to know other places.

So you now check out what are the main sights of the city and what to do in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte.

Ponta Negra Beach, Natal

This is a classic destination and you can’t stay out of your ride.

The Ponta Negra Beach is the main beach of the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, gathering around restaurants, bars and shops.

In addition, around Ponta Negra beach there are several places to enjoy the night, such as Christmas Food Park.

You also cannot leave there without knowing the famous Morro do Careca, the main postcard of the city.

You can still enjoy and make photos on the city sign, which is on the edge of Ponta Negra.

Next to Morro do Careca, you can still do a jangalancha ride.

The program goes to the beach of Alagamar.

On the beach of Alagamar you still have the possibility to see dolphins and turtles.

Ponta Negra Beach, Natal

Dunas de Genipabu in Christmas-Brazil

Genipabu is one of the most famous sights of Christmas, because of the possibility of you taking a buggy ride in the dunes.

When you choose to do the tour, you can ask both with emotion, as without emotion, which defines how it will be the adrenaline of the ride.

You can choose either a shorter stroll through the dunes, lasting from 1h30 or the longest, passing through the lagoons and the Natural aquarium.

The look of the dunes is wonderful.

You can also ride a buggy or take the dromedary ride on the top of the dune.

Dunas de Genipabu in Christmas-Brazil

Pipa, Tibau do Sul in Christmas-Brazil

It is also possible to know the Praia do Amor, in Pipa, which sits at the top of the Chapadão and is an unforgettable tourist spot.

Pipa has several beaches, such as Madero Beach and Dolphin Bay, some of the best beaches in Rio Grande do Norte.

Pipa also boasts beautiful cliffs by the sea, ideal for making several photos to keep from memory.


Pipa, Tibau do Sul in Christmas-Brazil

Lagoa de Pitangui and Lagoa de Jacumã in Christmas-Brazil

Those who do not like the beach and prefer the calm of the lagoons, in Christmas It is also possible to enjoy this tranquility.

So, if you like, you can not miss this tour and enjoy the calm, warm waters and with an excellent structure.

You can still lie down in one of the hammocks that stay inside the ponds and relax while having lunch, listening to good music.

If you like adrenaline, it is also possible to practice Skibunda, Tyrolean and kamikaze.

Lagoa de Pitangui and Lagoa de Jacumã in Christmas-Brazil

Where to stay in Christmas: Discover the best hotels and inns

Anyone who decides to travel to Christmas has a place to stay: Ponta Negra.

The location is close to the best beach in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, besides containing several shops, bars and restaurants.

Other than that, staying in Ponta Negra is easier to move to any other location in the city.


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