cidade de nashville


Meet Nashville (Tennessee) There is no shortage of activities to do in Nashville, from the Music Row tour to the artisan beer at a local bar. Home to one of America’s finest rooftop bars, one of America’s finest ice creams and legendary country music venues, Nashville is a centre of culture, restaurants, bars, music and […]

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cidade de boston


Meet Boston (Massachusetts) There are numerous attractions and activities of Boston, the options range from restaurants to great treats in the best ice cream parlors and even the cultural offerings in the world-class museums of Boston. So if you are a newcomer or a local resident looking for the best things to do around the […]

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casa branca em washington


Meet Washington (district of Columbia) Don’t be fooled: the best things in Washington, D.C., go beyond politics. Of course, you should take a picture in front of the White House and search the vast collection that details the birth of America in the National Archives, but be sure to reserve time to savor authentic American […]

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cidade de las vegas iluminada

Las Vegas, LA

Meet Las Vegas (Nevada) If you’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas, but don’t like to play or party, don’t worry! You will find many things to do in Las Vegas that do not involve gambling or partying. The capital of the World Festival really offers an incredible variety of activities for each type of […]

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cidade de miami


Getting to know Miami (Florida) As soon as you cross the bridge to Miami Beach, you’ll notice very quickly that there’s plenty to see and do. To prevent you from getting overwhelmed, and to help plan your trip, we have put together a list of activities to do in Miami Beach. Radio Bar Sip one […]

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san francisco city

San Francisco

Meet San Francisco (California) Take advantage of the tips of what to do in San Francisco and which places to know to make the most of your trip there. The city of San Francisco, California, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Tourist places and cool things to do over […]

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chicago city


Meet Chicago (Illinóis) The third largest city in America, Chicago is known for its brutally cold winters, deep pizzas and Malört. But there’s a lot more to this Midwest metropolis. Public transport takes you everywhere It is extremely useful to maintain a map of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) with you on your journey, as […]

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times square new york city

New York City

Meet New York Looking for fun things to do in new York? If this is your first trip to the Big Apple, you’re in the right place. New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. The city is absolutely full of amazing art, impressive landmarks and […]

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los angeles city

Los Angeles, LA

Meet Los Angeles (California)   That’s a lot of things to do in L.A. Unique city, with multiple attractions and various facets, practically several cities in one. Not to mention, it’s the face of California! We listed here 11 things to do in Los Angeles. So, have fun!   11 things to do in Los […]

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orlando parks


Meet Orlando (Florida)   See our tips and information about what to do in Orlando, with attractions and special places for you to know and enjoy when you are in town. Orlando is considered one of the most visited cities on the planet, especially by us Brazilians, and yet many people end up not knowing […]

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