santuário e cidade de fátima portugal


Meet Fátima (Portugal) Fatima, is in this place where in 1917, Three Little Shepherds (Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco) saw the Virgin Mary. You may not be Catholic or believe in such things, but the spiritual atmosphere of Fatima will impress you for sure. Every day, many pilgrims arrive here on foot. When they observe their […]

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cidade de évora portugal


Discover Évora The historical center of Évora was listed by UNESCO in 1986, and the history of Portugal is everywhere in the city. Located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, known for its production of food, wine and cork, Évora is the perfect base for exploring the region. Nearby megalithic sites show that the area […]

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vista da cidade do porto portugal


Meet Porto (Portugal) People are in love with this city called Porto. With its narrow streets and colourful houses, breathtaking views of the city and the Douro River, its galleries full of ancient and contemporary art, its gardens and museums, and its restaurants with traditional food (don’t miss the Francesinhas and the puppies) and Inspirations […]

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vista da cidade de lisboa portugal


Discover Lisbon Lisbon, with its world-class restaurants, reputation for style and rich history in art and culture, the first city of Portugal remains at the top of all the visitor lists of the most demanding travelers. But what are the essential things to do while you’re here? Meet the youngest museum in the city: MAAT-Museum […]

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cidade de coimbra em portugal


Meet Coimbra There are plenty of sights and attractions of Coimbra to keep you occupied for at least 3 days, not to mention the many tours of Coimbra. Many visitors do not reserve enough time on their itinerary in Portugal to really do justice to the city. Discover the secrets of the botanical Garden of […]

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praia de algarve com a cidade de algarve ao fundo


Discover the Algarve region (Portugal) Nowadays Portugal is one of the most valuable destinations in Western Europe and its highlight is the Algarve. Portugal has become one of the hottest travel destinations on this planet. Although it has already been one of the poorest and most isolated countries in Europe, the end of the dictatorship […]

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