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Cape Town

Meet Cape Town (South Africa)

The lively heart of Western Cape is a delight for tourists, and the best things to do in Cape Town are so amazing that you probably would never want to go away.

You will find culture, history, fantastic restaurants, diverse markets and beautiful beaches, all in an affordable package and all under a weather forecast with plenty of sunshine.


More than 1,000 acres of botanical garden stretching from the edge of Table Mountain to the wooded suburbs of southern Cape Town.

There is a very good coffee and several specialized gardens (for cacti, medicinal plants, rainforest species, this kind of thing), but unless you are a botanist, this is ultimately the most beautiful park you have ever visited.

There are several places to sit and catch some sunshine in the city centre of Cape Town, and certainly none of them are so green.

Check the calendar of events before you go, as there are often craft markets on weekends and sometimes opera performances on your outdoor stage.


Boulders Beach, in

A stretch of sand from the coast on the Cape Peninsula with rocky outcrops and wild waves.

It’s not so good to relax or swim, but it’s great for a wonderful coastal promenade. It’s particularly home to African penguins.

Didn’t you hear? There are penguins. They play, they swim and they yell at each other.

The Penguins are beautiful.

View of penguins on Boulders beach in South Africa

Robben Island

This World Heritage Site in Table Bay is where you’ll find the prison that kept Nelson Mandela during apartheid, along with hundreds of other political prisoners.

Now, a living museum, the Robben Island Prison is a place of great historical importance.

Just 7 km from the coast of Cape Town, visitors are welcome on pre-scheduled tours, conducted by ex-cons.

Aerial view of Robben Island in South Africa

Kalk Bay

This suburb has a colourful collection of shops along its waterfront, which mainly sell things you don’t need, but really want.

The café scene is also excellent, so it’s a very nice place to spend an afternoon sightseeing.

View of Kalk Bay harbour

Taproom’s Devil’s Peak

One of South Africa’s most successful artisan breweries invites lovers of beers (and drinking enthusiasts in general, let’s be honest) where it all began.

For a brewery tour, you will need to go further from the city to the brewpub Epping, which is also recommended, but surely it is the beer you are looking for?

Your regular awards (starting with the King’s Roadhouse IPA) are always available, but ask the staff they will be drinking after the turn, about the prizes and also about offers.

Call them before you leave to see if they’re open, in case they are organizing a meeting for the beer-obsessed.

Inside view of the Devil's Peak Taproom in Cape Town


A chic but very affordable bar that stocks an unusual wine cellar and most with little intervention.

The food menu of seasonal small dishes makes it doubly difficult to refuse.

The wines of the Western Cape are abundant, affordable and are among the best in the world, so you would be a fool not to make the most of the proximity of the vineyards.

In addition, Publik is a great place to visit the trendy district of Tamberskloef.

View of the Publik in Cape Town

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