vista da praia de balos na grécia

Balos Beach

Discover the beach of Balos (Greece)

If you have several weeks or just a few days in Crete, we can simplify a part of your travel planning process: Dedicate a full day to visit Balos Beach.

Take a ferry excursion for a full day

As for physical activity, this is the easiest option, since there are no walks involved.

Make it even easier and book an excursion in advance.

Boat View on Balos beach

Kaliviani Walk

This is by far the most aggressive option.

The distance is 10 km in each direction.

It is 3:00 in the morning and then again in the afternoon, through the dry rocky landscape, without shade to protect it from the sun.

If you choose this option, wear a hat and bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Kaliviani Balos Greece

Head to Balos Beach parking

Rent a car and enjoy an energising combination of gentle driving, irregular driving and a total of 2.4 km of walk, round trip.

  1. Travel from Chania to Kaliviani-60 Minutes
  2. Drive from Kaliviani to parking Balos Beach-30 minutes (very rugged)
  3. Walk to Balos Beach-30 minutes (several stops for photos)
  4. Relax-As long as you want.
  5. Walk back-30 minutes (may take longer; the stone staircase is quite steep)
  6. Trip back to Chania-90 minutes

Beach view of Balos

Balos Beach: Know that before you go

Some great things we would like to inform you:

  1. Arrive early: Even in high season (July and August), you can find a few hours of quiet sanctuary if you arrive early. Tourists don’t start arriving until early in the afternoon.
  2. Bring money: If you’re driving, you’ll reach a gate near Kaliviani, where you’ll need to pay an entry fee. The entrance fee is cheap (maybe 2 euros) but only accept cash.
  3. Parking: At the end of the day, if you see parked cars next to the narrow road, it means that the parking lot is full. We advise you to park your car, but first, do the maneuver and park facing the “exit direction”. This will make your life a lot easier when it’s time to leave at the end of the day!

Some more practical information about Balos Beach:

  • Food: Bring everything you need to eat during the day.
  • Drinks: it’s hot. Bring plenty of water. There’s a little cabin near the parking lot that sells drinks. And during the hike, you will find sellers who sell ice water, beer and soda.
  • Water: The largest part of the pond is shallow and warm. Further out towards the edge of the pond, the water is deeper and colder.
  • Sand: Soft and thin, which makes it perfect for doing… But these fine grains in the wind can be painful! Come prepared with facial and body protection (clothes, towel or blanket).
  • Bathrooms: There are some public toilets and locker rooms available near the beach.

Beach view of Balos Greece

What to take

Bring a backpack or beach bag with everything you need for the day:

  • Swimwear
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or umbrella
  • Portable refrigerator
  • Food
  • Drinking water
  • Money (Euros) for snacks, water, beer or Raki from the parking hut or beach vendors
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