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Discover the Algarve region (Portugal)

Nowadays Portugal is one of the most valuable destinations in Western Europe and its highlight is the Algarve.

Portugal has become one of the hottest travel destinations on this planet.

Although it has already been one of the poorest and most isolated countries in Europe, the end of the dictatorship and the introduction of democracy in 1974 have led to a significant increase in prosperity.

This guide will tell you the best things to do in the Algarve.

This small country definitely has everything: green Mountains in the north, covered with vineyards, an almost deserted landscape in the Alentejo region and finally the spectacular golden beaches of the Algarve.

The Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, with breathtaking cliffs, sandy islands and delicious food.

Its golden beaches with imposing rocky formations and jagged bays made it a desired destination among sea lovers, fans of water sports and even gourmets.


Marinha Beach

If you see a photograph of the Algarvia coast, there are great odds that it shows the Navy beach.

The wild beach with its iconic limestone formations, steep cliffs and turquoise water… is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the main destinations in Portugal.

The Marinha beach is quite peripheral between Portimão and Albufeira and it is advisable to arrive by car.

Even if this is not very practical, it almost guarantees that you will never find this beach very crowded.

From the car park, long stairs take you to the coast and can take a long stroll along the beach.

With its crystal clear waters, it is an excellent dive point as well.

If you have more time than just passing by, the cliff path between Carvoeiro and Marinha Beach (12 km round trip) is the tip for those who enjoy a good walk.

Marine Beach Algarve Portugal


Boat trip from Lagoa to Marinha Beach

Covered with golden sand and soft and surrounded by steep cliffs and stunning rocky structures, Praia da Marinha is a beautiful and quiet beach, situated very close to the lagoon.

Often referred to as one of the best beaches in Portugal is certainly the best beach in the Algarve.

With that said, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss when you visit.

Despite being one of the main recommendations of what to do in the Algarve, Praia da Marinha is surprisingly quieter than most other beaches in the Algarve.

The cliffs surrounding the beach also feature an excellent hiking trail and opportunities for numerous breathtaking views of turquoise waters and magnificent views of the countryside.

Done this, you can follow the coastline of Lagoa by boat.

A boat trip here is a must, you won’t be disappointed.

By crossing the waters of the North Atlantic, you will discover some impressive caves and caves that are great for exploring and diving for adventure.

Lagoon boat trip to the beach of the Navy Algarve Portugal


Lighthouse of São Vicente-Sagres

If you’re going to Portugal, chances are you love the beaches and the ocean.

And if you love the ocean, you’ll enjoy visiting the most Southwest point of Europe, which happens to have a majestic lighthouse.

The lighthouse of São Vicente, in its current form, was built in 1800 and serves as a guide for large and small ships towards Spanish and Portuguese ports in the area.

Visiting the lighthouse is a pleasure that should not be forgotten. The history of lighthouses in which the point dates back 500 years, almost to the time that Columbus sailed towards the new world.

The entrance to the lighthouse is free (donations accepted with gratitude) and the views from the top of the lighthouse extend over kilometers above and below the coast.

These visions are the best. Second best is the deep story around you.

You can see how the headlight works with its new technology and how it was different from the old modes of oil lamps.

Once you have dipped into the sights, you can browse souvenirs and produce or catch an ice cream nearby.

You can also stop in the fortress to eat or dive into the story.

And when you’re done with all this, you can resume your vacation on a sunny beach.

Then pack a suitcase and be busy creating memories on a day’s journey to the lighthouse of St. Vincent.

View of the lighthouse of São Vicente – Sagres-Algarve-Portugal



It has a fascinating Moorish and Jewish history with many interesting buildings to explore.

The old walled city also has many degraded buildings too and these give a certain advantage when you are wandering.

Here you are greeted with a Latin sign saying “stop here” and think of the fate that will happen to you-1816, as a reminder that we are all mortal.

Faro is a great stop while you are in the region, with plenty to keep you occupied for a couple of days.

Faro Capital of Algarve Portugal

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