vista da ilha de rodes na grécia


Meet Rhodes (Greece) The best things to do in Rhodes depend heavily on the history of the island, which is different from any other place in Greece. Its position in the Aegean Sea has already placed it at a crossroads of maritime trade and navigation. Today, the whole island is a time capsule telling stories […]

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vista da cidade de corfu na grécia


Meet CORFU (Greece) With its leafy and luxuriant landscape, full of olive groves, orchards and Italian cypresses, this Greek island is distinctly rich and leafy-and the best things to do in Corfu prove it. It is an impressive contrast to the turquoise sea that surrounds it. This lush landscape has been home to the Venetians, […]

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vista da cidade de joanesburgo na áfrica do sul


Meet Johannesburg (South Africa) This city of South Africa has so many claims of fame, it is no wonder that the best things to do in Johannesburg are all great. An interesting fact: it is the largest city in the world, not built in a water fountain-it was built in a gold mine-and the second […]

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vista da cidade do cabo na áfrica do sul

Cape Town

Meet Cape Town (South Africa) The lively heart of Western Cape is a delight for tourists, and the best things to do in Cape Town are so amazing that you probably would never want to go away. You will find culture, history, fantastic restaurants, diverse markets and beautiful beaches, all in an affordable package and […]

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vista da cidade de fira santorini grécia

Fira Santorini

Meet Fira, Santorini (Greece) There’s nothing like being on top of the multicolored cliffs that Fira Santorini is famous for. This island is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, and not just because it is in the huge crater of a volcano. The landscape here seems to be crafted by the Greek […]

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vista da praia de balos na grécia

Balos Beach

Discover the beach of Balos (Greece) If you have several weeks or just a few days in Crete, we can simplify a part of your travel planning process: Dedicate a full day to visit Balos Beach. Take a ferry excursion for a full day As for physical activity, this is the easiest option, since there […]

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vista da cidade de mykonos na grécia


Discover Mykonos (Greece) The equivalent of Greece to Ibiza or St. Tropez, the best things to do in Mykonos are guaranteed as fun. Here, you’ll find world-famous DJs spearheading nights in super clubs. A multitude of people are heading to the city on yachts, private jets and celebrities at the beach clubs and dine in […]

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vista da cidade de atenas na grécia


Meet Athens (Greece) The best things to do in Athens certainly suggest this. If travel guides deserve credits, there are surprises hidden around every unpretentious corner in virtually every city. We know that this is not true: it is the slogan of the tourist board at its worst moment. But in Athens-where ancient and modern, […]

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vista da praça na cidad de valência na espanha


Meet Valencia (Spain) Valencia is a great destination for a weekend (and also for the week). The sun-bathed margins, the thriving gastronomic scene and the crazy parties make Valencia one of the best cities to visit in Spain.   Explore the City of Arts and Sciences An architectural complex composed of the most famous buildings […]

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vista de sevilha espanha


Discover Seville (Spain) Visit Seville Cathedral and the bell tower The most important church in Seville. Dominating the Cathedral Square, Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in the world and the third largest church in Europe, after St. Peter (the Vatican) and São Paulo (London). Built on the ruins of a mosque, this 15TH-century […]

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